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Charity Quilt Projects for Stringtown Quilters Guild


Comfort pillows – begin anytime, Viewer’s Choice voting in April 2018. May be donated to Bluegrass Care Navigators (formerly Hospice of the Bluegrass).

Fidget quilts – begin anytime, Viewer’s Choice voting in July 2018. May be donated to Bluegrass Care Navigators (formerly Hospice of the Bluegrass).

Church Charity – Remember the “Food Jar” to help the Church with its community service food pantry and to show our appreciation for the use of our meeting room each month.


Previous Years:


Care Net Pregnancy Services

This is a non-profit group offering services in Florence, Cold Springs and Williamstown to anyone seeking assistance verifying pregnancy and clarification with how to proceed with a possible unplanned pregnancy.

 There are multiple free classes from healthy pregnancy to parenting guidance; relationship counseling; adoption counseling, just to name a few.

 All services are provided free of charge.

 Care Net provides multiple “gifts” for completion of certain courses, with the offering of a quilt upon completion of a 20 week parenting class.  Typically, an average of 50 families complete this course per year.  The request wa for crib/baby blankets size quilts.  Submitted by guild member, Lisa Bayne.


2.      ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.  It causes muscles to “atrophy” or waste away.  The person becomes progressively more immobile as the disease advances.  They steadily decline from walking to walking with some kind of assistance.  They become wheel chair bound, then bed-ridden.  In the final stages of the disease, they need even more assistance with breathing and feeding.  Through all of this, the person does not lose their ability to think, hear, or see.  At the present, there is no cure or treatment to slow the effects of this disease. 

 ALS usually strikes people between the ages of 50 and 70, with more men than women contracting the disease.  For unknown reasons, military veterans are twice as likely to contract the disease.  The national rate of the disease is 1-2 per 100,000 and Kentucky’s rate is 5-8 per 100,000 people.

We are fortunate to have a local chapter of the ALS Association in Northern Kentucky.  It is located on Haines Drive in Florence, Kentucky.  They offer clinical management and support to the clients and their families.  Currently they service 198 clients and expect to add 75 – 100 new clients in 2016.  This chapter was started in 2001. 

 Our charity project provided quilts to cover laps in wheel chairs, approximately 36 by 48 inches.  They were distributed to the clients as part of a “winter care package”.   

All quilts were submitted at the October 2016 meeting when a representative of each organization was in attendance to accept the quilts donated to them.  Over 75 quilts were donated to each charity, CARE NET and ALS.


  1. St. Elizabeth Hospice 

St. Elizabeth Hospice care is as unique as the individual patients who come to us in search of this form of support and comfort. It’s focused on making the patient comfortable, while helping families cope with a difficult time of impending loss.  Each year the members nominate and vote on a charity project that the group would like to support. In 2015, one of the charities selected was the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hospice. The quilts are for women and men of all ages and walks of life. Veterans are especially treated with red, white and blue blankets to acknowledge their service to our country. The quilts will serve as a comfort for family and loved ones who experience the hospice program. All work and materials were donated by members of the Stringtown Quilters.

2.  Brighton Recovery Center

Since opening in 2008, Brighton Recovery Center for Women has provided hope and strength to homeless and low-income women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The facility, located in Florence uses a peer-driven treatment model and takes a holistic approach to recovery.  One of the important things to the ladies graduating from this program is the receiving of a handmade quilt.  At graduation, they are presented with a quilt to keep.  This reminds them of their journey they have taken. Stringtown Quilters Guild choose this program as one of their main Charity events in 2015.  The Cabin Arts Quilt Shop in Burlington, has been collecting and providing the quilts to the Brighton Center for several years.  

2014 – NICU at St. Elizabeth Hospital

Charity Outreach project was 48″ x 48″ Baby Quilts for a local NICU at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Edgewood, Ky.  Donated quilts were presented in August and in November.

Check out this story from cincinnati.com
NICU Quilts 2014

Just some of the Baby Quilts given by SQG members at the November 2014 meeting.


2013  Sunrise Children’s Services.

Deb, Mr. Peterson, and Committee Chairperson, Joanne Shulte

SQG President Deb Poole, Mr. Kevin Richardson of Sunrise Children’s Services, and SQG Committee Chairperson, Joanne Shulte




and MORE Quilts!

and MORE Quilts!

Quite a giving Bunch!

Quite a giving Bunch!








2012  Brighton Women’s Recovery Center.